The REELING project was started in June of 2006 when Michael Toole presented a script called "Reeling" to Jeremy Stevermer. Executive Produced by Patrick and Mandy Chapin, an attorney and teacher, respectively. Quickly the process to produce the project was started. Casting and pre-production followed through the summer and shooting was scheduled for September and October. Blake Manship provided expert set design and construction lasting 4 days before three days of shooting.

The project is taken directly from a nightmare Michael had and many others can relate to. The style of the piece follows the styles of Jan Svankmayer by combining stop-motion animation with live action and the magic of animatronics. The puppets were designed by Voodoo FX and the skilled hands of Randy Neubert.

The film continues in the traditions of Jeremy Stevermer's other films by mixing realism and surrealism with a mess of on-set blood and crew sweat. The project is a who's-who of San Francisco and Las Vegas talent. The addition of the Marco Villalobos score, of the Graves Brothers Deluxe, adds a final blow- right to the mouth.

Look for REELING in film festivals this summer and fall as the project takes a bite at the big screen. The project is a preview of the combined talents of Michael Toole, Jeremy Stevermer, Leonora Rodkin, Blake Manship, Bill Gollihur and the whole lot, who are now in developement of a feature film project.